A group of people who were interested in economic development of Iran and whose aim was to serve the Iranian society started their activity in 2009 under the name of Shokraneh Persian Sugar Company as the producer of Ghandaneh products in Rafsanjan Industrial Township. They achieved the honor of producing cubic sugar in decorative shapes and consumption facilitating dimensions and also with various flavors. It should be noted that in line with protecting the health of the society and consumers and its production motto regarding production of fully natural products (preserving the traditional taste of sugar cube), this production unit has produced the healthiest sugar cubes in Iran without any additives and chemicals. The company’s industrial ownership authorizations, health and standard certifications and relevant letters of appreciation attest this issue. It is noteworthy that a patent has been issued for this production method. This product bears an industrial ownership sign and any person is not entitled to make use of this production method and the afore-mentioned shapes until twenty years. This product has been able to respond to different tastes of the society by different flavors due to innovation, using high-quality raw materials and state-of-the-art knowledge, geometrical shape and uniqueness of the product and also, the natural flavor used in production. The product has met the satisfaction of its special customers and the demand for the product has increased. This has led to increase of production and granting of representations in most of the Iranian cities to provide the customers’ convenience. Furthermore, the producers were encouraged to export this product to foreign countries. The authorities of this company hope that the product deserves to be a creditable representative for Iran as it has been so far.

Achievements and successes

This company has been introduced as one of the highly reputable producers in production of sugar cube and rock candy and packaging of different types of sugar (white and brown) because it has stepped towards its guidelines and policies which include production of a safe and healthy product in conformity to global standards by employing experienced engineer and expert teams and capable managers and also, equipping itself with quality control laboratories. This company is a pioneer in the area of production of quality products


Obtaining a patent certificate from the General Office of Document Registration and Ownership of Iranian Industrial Certificate.
Obtaining the honorary plaque of international standards, building trust in the image of the global honorary plaque from the General Office of Standards of the province in 1390.